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Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag tells the fascinating story of one girl's struggle through adolescence as the once-clear lines between parenthood and childhood become blurred. Dividing their time between New York City and upstate New York, two privileged families find their lives arranged around an annual game of ‘ Capture the Flag'. Designed to test strategy and military prowess, the game becomes a test of interpersonal relationships as well, as young Annie strives to keep her own family and friends intact as her nucleur family disintegrates. Coping with sexual ambiguity and what it means to be a child of the Beat generation, Annie tries to make sense of the world as the adults around her seem to break all the rules. Shedding light on the traditions particular to New York intelligensia in the 1970s, Capture the Flag is a portrait of the children of sophisticated New Yorkers on their journey to adulthood.

Selected Press

"Capture the Flag is not only an accurate portrait of two generations at a certain moment in Manhattan history, but a cautionary tale. The next time you catch yourself squabbling unattractively with your spouse or groping some stranger at a social occasion, it might be wise to remember: The little darlings are watching, and probably taking notes."


The New York Observer, Francine Prose

"Chace's writing resembles a generation of New York Writers heavily influenced by John Updike: Rick Moody, A.M. Holmes, Susan Minot and, more recently, Melissa Bank and Julia Slavin." 


Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Adolescence forms a shaky bridge between childhood and the adult world in this tender coming-of-age novel, though Annie Edward's chaotic journey is more perilous than usual…This is Chace's debut novel, after a successful memoir (Chautauqua Summer) and a play (Colette), and despite a slow pace at first, it swells with the openhearted fearlessness and perpetual confusion of adolescence, piercing nostalgic moments with the earthy, sorrowful taste of a young girl learning, the hard way, about love and family."


Publishers Weekly

"Capture the Flag maps disenchantment.  Its characters negotiate terrain mined with secrets; withheld sorrow and anger, hidden histories."


New York Times Sunday Book Review

Capture the Flag: A Film by Lisanne Skyler

Screenplay by Lisanne Skyler and Rebecca Chace

Jane Stiles as “Annie” (“Blue”)

Emmy Clark (“Monk”)

Will Denton (“Kidnapped”)

Scott Cohen (“Kissing Jessica Stein,” “Gilmore Girls”)

Gretchen Golf (“Roswell”)



Directed by Lisanne Skyler (“Getting to Know You,” 1999 Sundance Film Festival)


Screened at the 2010 Nantucket Film Festival where it received Showtime’s Tony Cox Award for Screenwriting or best short film/video of 2010

Cine Golden Eagle for best short film/video of 2010

Shot in summer 2009, premiered at the 2010 Aspen Shortsfest International Competition

For further information, contact Erin Cox at Rob Weisbach Creative Management:

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